Tuesday, January 3, 2012

S is for Squirrels

It's also for Stella, which is the middle name of baby Paige (of P is for Peacock fame) and this illustration was her Christmas present.  This one was much easier to do, since I already had a style based on the first version there wasn't quite as much experimenting necessary.

Like the peacock illustration, this was done using watercolor (with minimal water) on watercolor paper.  The S was hand drawn in Adobe Illustrator.  More pics below...

You've seen pink and blue squirrels, right?

Nuzzling noses

The squirrels go along with the woodsy cutesy animal theme in her room but also have another special meaning.  They are modeled after the ones that appeared on the Paige's parent's save the date cards, which I designed a few years ago.  

The squirrels are sitting on the branches of an Aspen tree,
which are abundant in the Colorado town where the family makes their home.

Fully framed

Just like the previous version, this was framed with the Ikea Ribba square frame in white.  

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