Monday, February 18, 2013

Celebrating 2 years with a throwback print

Taken by the Hand turned 2 yesterday and to celebrate I ran a few woodblock prints of an old favorite. This was the first block print I'd done since a long post-college hiatus from printing after being inspired by an old piece of poplar I'd found in my parent's basement. The design was one I'd done in Illustrator, something that started out as a doodle but just kept going. It was the melding of digital and hand-made that I'd been seeking.  But alas, my first few print runs were lacking pizazz, a problem quickly solved by jumping on the ombre trend. The original print blends pink and blue ink for a vibrant gradient. This guy holds a special place in my heart, and a specialer place on my wall and the walls of a few friends.

The words came first and inspired the twisting and curling lines,
alluding to graphic vines and roots

So for the refresh I added a third color and instead used yellow, pink and orange.

A little like a sunset

Oddly, these colors remind me of 90s era Oakley sunglasses, and you can judge for yourself whether that's a good or bad thing.  Number two color combo was turquoise-to-blue printed on a sheet of wood paper that'd been sitting in my stash for way too long.  I'd have loved to do the brighter colors on this but didn't think it would show up on the light wood.

Woodblock printed on wood: a world turned upside down

Here's a few more shots.

Group shot!

The block and tools. Pink!

I'm planning on doing a few more color combos when I get some more paper, and putting them up on Etsy along with the new woodblock that I'm working on.  Lots of projects have been done over the last two years and this one got me out of a slump and kickstarted them all!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy V-day! 8-bit style love to my readers!

Conversation heart puffy stickers by Hallmark courtesy of Dad.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

O is for Owl

The last letter in the series of initials for my goddaughter is finally done! The "O" for her last name has a friendly little owl perched in the center. Heavy watercolors in pinks and purples are perfect for a little princess, and of course, match the other two.

Manayunk Bridge Illustration

Bridges are cool, huh? I recently did this illustration for a save the date of the Manayunk Bridge in Philadelphia.  It was a challenge to figure out what to do with the water, but I thought a reflection was necessary so it didn't look like a floating bridge. Don't they have those in Mario Bros?

A modern marval 

I'm working on a few more in the same style right now so they'll be up later this month.  As always this is india ink on watercolor paper.  I'm really liking this style and getting in the groove with it for sure!