Thursday, July 25, 2013

Starbucks Coffee Perfection features cut paper and block printing

This artful new video spot for Starbucks Coffee is making its way around the interwebs and I'm happy to share it since it features a few of my favorite things! Animator Rogier Weiland used cut paper to create this stop motion film showing where the coffee comes from. It also appears from the behind the scenes photos to use block printing with laser cut laminate wood and coffee as ink.  Hooray for authenticity!

You can also check out some behind the scenes photos on Weiland's website and make guesses about how much time it actually took to make this (answer: loads).  Plenty of other cool paper stuff there as well!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Pug and Bulldog Illustration

Though I've never met Frank and Lola, this pug and English bulldog have a rather charming story. Found together as puppies sharing an abandoned box in downtown Philadelphia, they love and take care of each other like brother and sister.  This pen and ink line drawing of the two pudgy pups will make its final home in a logo (though I'm not quite sure for what).  India ink on watercolor paper.

They love each other.

Lola, the bulldog

Frank, the pug

The collars were added to the original illustration to add some personality and ensure the dogs wouldn't be taken to the pound and euthanized. Here's the original, sans collars.

This is being naked for a dog.

Interested in a custom illustration of your dog? Email

Friday, July 12, 2013

Colorful Dreamcatcher Art

After my recent trip to the Utah and Arizona, I was feeling the inspired by the brilliant colors and native spirit of the southwest. I got a little caught up in the vacation mindset and bought a dreamcatcher from a little mountain shop.  I built one from a kit when I was just a little guy (one of the many craft kits that actually resulted in a finished project), so when I got home, I decided to make an adult version (in a totally SFW way). The result is these linocut prints in yellow/orange and gold.

Very Boho

Gold, or dorado

Both colors are available to purchase in the Etsy shop, Lightheart Paper Company, orange and gold.

Unlike a lot of my other prints, this one I drew entirely by hand, no Adobe Illustrator involved.  Here's the sketch, which started in pencil and ended in sharpie.

Originally I had intended to add some text at the top saying "Sweet Dreams," which you can see ghosts of in the sketch, but in the end it seemed better to leave it off.  I may add it as separate stamp in the future, that way it can be printed with or without the text.

I'm going to hang one or two of these above my bed with the real one in hope that I can stop having the dream where I am in school but don't know where I'm supposed to go!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Now announcing the Etsy Shop: Lightheart Paper Company

Finally, I'm proud to announce the launch of my Etsy shop, Lightheart Paper Company!

Here it is

To start, I'm selling some familiar prints as well as some newbies, and slowly expanding to home items. Here are a few of pics of what is available.

Grow wild print

Life of Love woodblock print

Remember this guy?

Roaming octopus woodblock print

And this one, honoring my great home state post Hurricane Sandy, or Superstorm Sandy according to insurance companies.  All profits still going to the Red Cross!

Still Strong NJ print

As usual, I'll be writing plenty of posts showing the creative process for my pieces and giving away all kinds of trade secrets (if I can think of any).  So check it out here and send me any feedback!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Southwestern Color Palettes

My first trip to the Southwest was a visceral experience.  14 days away from city noise, humidity, rain, and the monotony of every day. But it wasn't just the escape, it was being embraced by nature, seeing bright reds and yellows in the stone, vast open spaces, and the crystal clear moons. We started in western Colorado, then Utah, stopping at Arches NP, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, and Zion, then finishing up on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Now, this may just be an excuse for me to post my vacation pictures and talk about my vacation, but the sights are truly inspirational.  So along with each photo I'm adding a corresponding color palette for dressing, drawing, decorating, and other things that may or may not start with d.

This first palette is from Hanging Lake, which lies on a mountain top near Glenwood Springs, CO, and requires a 2 mile hike to get to.  This hike is harder if you're carrying your friend's child on your back.  The unique minerals color the water this crazy turquoise color!

Hanging Lake, no swimming allowed

Here's a little desert flower, shot near Moab Utah. The oranges begin here.

Lots of awesome colorful flowers on the side of the road.

Next is Canyonlands, also in Utah. Place is "cray," looks like another planet.  We did an amazing overnight hike into the canyon here.  

Below is Bryce Canyon, my favorite spot.  We regrettably only spent one night here.  The rock formations are called "hodos," and as you can see, the sunlight turns them neon.


Lastly we come to the Grand Canyon. It IS as cool as everyone says.

I could post a million pictures, well 900 to be more accurate.  But I'll stop here.  Just a little taste of all the colors the earth has to offer!