Friday, February 17, 2012

Taken by the Hand is turns 1 today!

Birthday cupcake watercolor

One year ago today Taken by the Hand was born! Conceived out of the desire to motivate myself to get back to my roots in fine arts and crafts, I'm happy to say that it's been more successful that I'd hoped.  It's also given me the chance to share what I've been working on, whether it be a quick sketch,  a 3 month long woodblock print, or a seasonal decorating project.  Putting yourself out there can be a little scary no matter how many times you do it, so I thank you, my readers, for all your support.  Look at me, pouring my heart out.  Check back often as I make my way through the list of projects I have in my head, and remember to create, always, in whatever way you choose!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Einstein won the Nobel Prize...

...but not for his theory of relativity!  It was in fact his discovery of the photoelectric effect that won him the award.  This information is a great pickup line for a guy OR a girl and may be useful one day during bar trivia.

This sketch of Einy is actually the front of my bf's valentine's day card.  We are sometimes dorky-cute like that, but not in an annoying, Zoey Deschanel kind of way. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It must be Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is less than a week away, so there's still time left to make a homemade card or order those pajama-grams that NPR is always advertising (that wouldn't be a good present for me).  I used to be a real V-day hater, but I've come to see it as just a fun, harmless holiday that doesn't have to be taken all that seriously.  So this year I've gone the "cute" route and made a watercolor card and a glittery bookmark.

A card

A glittery bookmark

Read on for more details.