Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chunky Infinity Scarf

I came across this crochet pattern on People Webs just before the holidays and immediately fell in love.  I've made three of them so far (and finally didn't have any mistakes on the third) and given two away as gifts.  This latest was a birthday present for my boyfriend's mom.  They are so warm and cozy, perfect for when you're too cheap to turn the heat up! And because it's so chunky it goes pretty quick; this one took one and a half football games.

The original pattern is here and there are many other pretty things on the site and at the Etsy shop, so check them out while you're there.  For my version, I used Patons Classic Wool in burgundy and a US M hook.

The pattern is much simpler than it looks,
even for this beginner.

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