Thursday, August 29, 2013

Houses, signs, and quirks of Old Town Alexandria

Last weekend, I spent a little time in Old Town Alexandria, a quaint little town just south of Washington DC on the Virginia side of the Potomic River.  Old Town seems to have escaped much of the strip-malling of the DC metro, although it does have an H&M, and many of the area's houses have been around since the revolution.  This lends itself to adorable buildings full of character, fine detailing, and placards to read.  I assume all the houses are haunted. 

Here are a few pics to inspire your colonial style. Unfortunately they were taken with my phone as it dies a slow death, so excuse the clarity.  It was a gorgeous day, and I'd love to go back for an afternoon with my DSLR.

Little row houses

Lovely brick detailing

Old colonial home

Sunbathed courtyard full of potted plants

Hidden dream house, except for the ghosts
that probably live there

Excellent use of hanging lanterns

Love the color of this door and the knocker

Rusted shop sign

Government building where I once posed wedding party photos

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tree and moon etching #tbt

As the instagramers and tweeters say, it's Throwback Thursday!  Although I'm sure you'd prefer to see a picture of me in the tub as a fat baby, you'll have to settle for this class project from the college years. 2005 to be exact.

I was really into trees, at the time

This was a plexiglass etching, sketched freehand directly onto the plexiglass.  The paper is wet and then run through a printing press with the wall paper (moon) and tissue paper (blue leaves), where the pressure fuses the two papers together.  Oh the glory days of having unlimited access to gigantic studios and commercial grade machinery!