Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Display inspiration: Welcome back color

We're on the cusp of February and with only one snowfall so far in New York, you'd almost forget it's winter. But in spite of the unseasonably warm weather, there are early sunsets, leafless trees, and muted landscapes to remind us that winter is still here. For the past few months stores have been filled with drab grays and blacks, save for the occasional sparkly New Year's outfit, now on clearance. While I normally cringe at how early stores set up for the next season (you know, like back to school in July), I welcome the winter to spring transition if for no other reason than this: color comes back.  

And while I'm still waiting for the color of the landscape to catch up to the retail industry, the bright and whimsical window displays of Free People SoHo stood out against the gray backdrop.

The coldness of the geometric wire shapes contrasts with the softness of fake flower petals and puff balls but together have an organic feel. The shapes hang above like a canopy and cover the walls like vines reminding us that life spring up again soon.  

While some of these might be hard to recreate (I noticed some welded corners), you can certainly draw inspiration for wall displays or hanging mobiles! I especially like the idea of wrapping your exposed cords in colorful cloth and string.  

More from pics the SoHo store, plus other locations are available on FP's blog.

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