Wednesday, December 14, 2011

At the Christmas tree farm

In an effort to both avoid the shopping rush and utilize the spare hands lingering around the house post-Thanksgiving, my Mother uses Black Friday as the day to cut down her Christmas tree.  And since my mini tree usually comes from the not-so-scenic Home Depot parking deck, I took the opportunity to tag along and take some photos of my native land, while lending minimal help to actually finding and cutting a tree. 

You can't crack a corn in Sussex County, NJ without bumping into a cut your own Christmas tree farm.  They are basically like the Starbucks of Sussex County, which otherwise lacks an actual Starbucks, and a fun place to go get lost for an hour.  If you're an artificial tree person, it's worth it (and free) to go and just wander around.  Plus, if you cut a tree down you get to use a saw, which is probably not an everyday thing for most people.  While I don't claim to be a photographer by any means, it was a beautiful, unseasonably warm day and very easy to take a decent photo.  Check them out below for a dose of green!

Rolling hills

Rows of trees make it easy to hide from your party

Extreme close up--whaaaaa!

Actually like the soft focus on this one quite a bit.
Someone was trying to be artsy here.  Or was it Zen?

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