Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It must be Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is less than a week away, so there's still time left to make a homemade card or order those pajama-grams that NPR is always advertising (that wouldn't be a good present for me).  I used to be a real V-day hater, but I've come to see it as just a fun, harmless holiday that doesn't have to be taken all that seriously.  So this year I've gone the "cute" route and made a watercolor card and a glittery bookmark.

A card

A glittery bookmark

Read on for more details.
This little plane was painted on watercolor paper and then mounted on a blank red folded card, a package of which I picked up on the cheap from the shelves you look through while waiting online at Marshall's.  

This bookmark was made by painting hearts onto a square of scrapbook paper with glue, sprinkling it with glitter, then mounting it on card stock cut with decorative edge scissors. The tassel was made with baker's twine.  You can find a tassel tutorial here

This will probably to my mom, lover of glitter

Homemade gifts tell your loved ones, "I am thoughtful" and also "I tried," which gets you off the hook if it comes out really bad.  So go on and show someone you love 'em this year, and remember that a box of candy always works too!


  1. I love the plane card! It's a perfect, non-corny, Valentine's design.

  2. Thanks! They saying is very neutral, so it's fit for a friend or lover.