Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Layer on the good times: Making a terrarium

There's a great boutique in my neighborhood that not only has cool clothes and housewares, but also offers the occasional craft class!  This month at Kanibal Home, Tim Ilch of JC Aquaria ran a workshop on terrarium building.

I've always wanted to make a terrarium but was super turned off by the though of all the things I'd have to acquire, including charcoal, as some sources recommend (which seems like a huge mess).  Turns out it's quite simple. For the container, we were given the most giant mason jar I've ever seen. Building the terrarium simply involves layering rocks and soil, adding plants, and then embellishing with mosses, sticks, leaves, and other natural and non-natural trinkets.

Pictured: The rare exotic styrofoam bird

Go for texture as well as color.  Tim had foraged a lot of the ingredients he gave us, which sounds more fun and unexpected than going to the store and buying them.

Natural neon green. 

As it turns out, terrariums don't have to be covered (news to me), so I left the lid off since I had some plants sprouting out the top.

Looks like a long way down

We even got these cute little booklets with graphic instructions and room to take notes.

You know I loves a handmade book

In conclusion, terrariums—a mini world that's fun and easy to make.  I love giving plants as housewarming gifts and a homemade terrarium like this could be made so personal.  Also check out the cool stuff from JC Aquaria and Kanibal Home, who has an online store in case you're not local.

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