Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chalk lettering illustrations on "I Call Shotgun"!

A few weeks ago I was given an incredible opportunity to create some chalk board illustrations for the set of AOL's webcast I Call Shotgun. This video segment features Bravo's Andy Cohen interviewing Jerry Seinfeld as he wraps up the second season of his web show Comedians in Cars getting Coffee. Here's a clip from youtube, you can see a nice closeup of the set illustration at 0:07.

The full show can be seen here.

In lieu of the cars and coffee theme, the set was designed as a retro, right-off-the-highway diner, and some typographic chalkboard menus fit right in.

Retro chic, right down to the cronuts

Time was tight, with one night spent sketching up ideas, and the next night to executing them on a set that was only half built after working an 8 hour day.  But the set designer, who happens to be my very talented brother, must have know that I couldn't say know to hand drawn art, especially when typography and Seinfeld are involved.  The panels totaled 6 in all, and I kept with one food theme for each that could be the point of emphasis.  Here are some pics from the set as well as all 6 after the jump.

Left side panels

Right side panels

What's the deal with chicken parmesean? 
This one is my favorite 
Does anyone really like sunny side up?

At the time, I really wanted a grilled cheese

Coffee or tea?

Tasty pies!

It was quite a whirlwind but I'm so grateful to have gotten this opportunity because it was so much fun, and my artwork can be seen behind some major celebs!  The set was taken down almost immediately following the shoot, and the panels now live somewhere in a storage closet (I think). But it's almost poetic, since chalk itself is only temporary!

Be sure to check out the full show and share it with your friends. And don't forget to hashtag it. #icallshotgun

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