Saturday, January 19, 2013

A wedding at the zoo!

You can imagine how excited I was to be working with Rachel and Clay when they told me their wedding next year would be held at the Bronx Zoo!  What a unique and nontraditional venue that allowed for some really creative stuff.  After speaking with the bride, we'd have to find the right balance between zoo theme and classy wedding, so it doesn't look like a child's birthday party.  To keep it elegant, I went with simple animal silhouettes in black on bright white linen paper.  As a personal touch, one of the silhouettes is actually the couples' rambunctious mutt, Hannah!

I took several stabs at this, and here's one of the alternates, more modern and casual with different kinds of type mingling.
All the animals at the zoo get along swimmingly

The final invitations just printed and I'll post them shortly, along with the official save the date.


  1. This was a close runner up to the one we chose! You did such an incredible job that we had some long debates. We knew there was no wrong answer though!

  2. Do you design invitations? I really like your Save The Date here and I'm also having a zoo wedding. Please let me know. My email is Thanks!

  3. Hi! my fiance and i love those invitations. We are also getting married at a zoo is PA. We were trying to find a way to contact you,and asking if you were interested in making ours.

  4. Hi Matthew, I would love to create these for your wedding. You can reach me at The save the dates are for sale in my etsy shop, Thanks for your interest!