Friday, March 9, 2012

Philadelphia International Flower Show

The Philadelphia International Flower Show is totally where it's at for people who like literally anything flower related.  One part expo, one part county fair, and one part market, this event is a cocktail of color and inspiration.  Held in the enormous Philadelphia Convention Center, there seems to be an endless stretch of things to see, from 1000 square foot displays to tabletop flower arrangements.  20 year old prize winning cacti mingle with front yard gardens and botanical illustrations.  Unfortunately you're not allowed to walk into any of the displays, which takes a pretty high level of restraint. To say you're overstimulated is an understatement.    

Enough with the clever prose, it's time to get to the pictures.  I apologize upfront for the low quality; all the "mood lighting" actually makes the room fairly dark and it's incredibly crowded.  This is only a small sampling, click the link at the end to view the full album.  Feast your eyes...

A store window display in an old card catalog

A jungle scene composed entirely of pressed flowers!

Botanical illustration of an orchid puts my water colors to shame. 

I love this color palette of white, pink, and peach.
Indoor waterfall.  Probably the largest display in the show.
Magenta and orange orchids
Down the isle.
 See the rest of the photos here.


  1. My favorite is the picture of the red banana!WOW!

  2. Beautiful displays!! I have to go next year to see these close up