Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Instagram-esque photos, Pre-instagram

It's pretty likely that in the last couple of months your social news feeds have been swamped with camera phone photos that are square shaped, scratchy, and oversaturated. Apps like Instagram and Hipstomatic, which take that photo of your meal, your cat, or the view from your car and make them look retro, are insanely popular. I'll admit that the right photo can be very cool, and maybe I'm just bitter that I bought a Diana months before the craze hit. Just remember that these apps are based on something real, when there was excitement in waiting to see how pictures turned out, and a photo looked old, because it actually was.  

So here are a few photos taken long enough ago that it's considered cool and vintage, but not long enough ago to be black and white and creepy. I found these when my family sold their house last year, and I presume they were taken by my father, a former art student who still takes tons of pictures.

Mom, probably late '60s, epitomizing youth and beauty

Just a friendly squirrel.  This album dated April, 1972

The Florida Everglades (spring break whooo)

Mom ('72) likely stealing these oranges on a trip to Florida.  

Shark, he's friendly too

The store where these were developed is still open and is one of the few around that still develops film.

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  1. The octopus came out great! I love the lettering. By the way the first picture on the train was taken by my old boyfriend, Bruce in Perth Amboy! I was in high school. The others were Florida and you were right...Spring Break!