Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Napkin pillows for the non-seamstress

Perhaps it was my compulsive need for approval that led me to be convinced to take typing class instead of sewing when I already knew how to type.  As a result I never learned to sew.  I do have the most basic knowledge, which is pretty much all you need for this easy pillow project.

Pillow covers are a great solution for updating that ugly throw pillow you've kept around even though it stopped matching your decor 2 apartments ago.  If you have a sewing machine, or know how to use the one you have, this will take you about 10 minutes and you probably don't need to be reading this.  If not, then it's the perfect activity for a hungover Sunday on the couch watching a Netflix movie, or could even be worked on outside or at a coffee shop.

For the inexperienced sewer, going into a store to buy fabric can be intimidating, and the selection of country bear patterns can leave something to be desired.  So, my two squares are actually napkins (or even placemats, I'm not sure) purchased from the sale bin at anthropologie.  Bonus: They're already the right size.

Total cost: $8
Step 1: Lay squares on top of one another so that the undersides are touching.  I turned one of mine 90 degrees so there would be fringe on all 4 sides.  Put a stitch in each corner to hold in place.

Step 2: Choose your thread color and sew up 3 of the 4 sides using a simple straight stitch.  Normally, you'd flip it inside out so you don't see the seam, but my pillow couldn't afford to lose any fabric, so I stitched on the outside, very close to the edge.  Another advantage of these napkins is that they already have a seam, so if you are sewing by hand you can follow it to keep your stitch straight, or mostly straight.  

Using a similar color thread helps
disguise your bad or lazy sewing

Step 3: Put in the stuffing from your old pillow.

This probably didn't need a photo to explain.

Step 4: Sew up the final side and cut off extra stitches that held the corners in place, and toss it on a couch or bed!

Makes me want to get my cuddle on.

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