Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Block 1: Day 5

Head and 2 arms cleared
I like to start around the edges where there's fine detail, then use a larger tool to take out the big blank spaces.  Reminder for me: Save your fingers by using the Xacto only for small areas.  The wood cutting tools are much more efficient.  I am using the basic wood carving tool set by Sculpture House.

All the flowers in town seemed to have bloomed overnight.  Here's a snapshot of some urban gardening in action.  These are pink clematis.

This could be one of the wallpapers
that comes with your phone


  1. Is the clematis from Sugarloaf? It's gorgeous. Love your blog.

  2. The clematis were growing up the railing in front of a house in Jersey City. The color is so vibrant!