Sunday, June 17, 2012

French tea bridal shower invites

These bridal shower invitations combine watercolor painting with digital printing to fit the girly, French-inspired theme.  No poodles, pink stripes, or baguettes here.
Instead I looked to French bakeries, packaging, and Art Nouveau fonts to create something sweet and elegant.  It began with a very detailed sketch of the floral wreath.

Next the lines were filled in with watercolor, making a gradient from yellow-orange to purple.  I wanted colors that were soft, but saturated enough to be sophisticated and avoid looking like a baby shower.  Not to mention my previous watercolor invitations taught me that very light colors do not scan well.  My inspiration was flowers and Spring.

After scanning the final image, the type was added, except for the name which was hand painted in watercolor.  Some of the leaves were extracted and used additionally on the recipe cards.  Lavender envelopes kept it all together. 


A detail

Look for an upcoming post with the wedding invitations for this lovely couple! 


  1. These were so great and so perfect for Lydia!

  2. I love how you thought out the whole process. Amazing!