Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Taken by les mains

Last week I took a much needed vacation in one of the world's most beautiful and artistic cities: Paris!  There is an impeccable attention to detail in every structure of the city.  And it seemed no matter which direction I looked, there was something beautiful begging to be captured.  This shutter-happiness led to my taking 600+ pictures, averaging over 120 a day.  Mon Dieu!

Don't worry, I'll spare you the anecdotes as well as the photos of me looking touristy in front of Parisian landmarks.  This first installment of Taken by the Hand in Paris cover street art, which is everywhere.  There's standard nonsensical graffiti marking up the train tracks, paper sketches glued to cement walls, and much to my surprise and delight, mosaics.  This first set was taken on the streets near the Bastille, La Marais, and St-Germain.

Paper boar

There were lots of these 8-bit style mosaics, created or inspired by Invader

This truimph de l'oeil is a favorite.  It is positioned near trees
of the same height so you really have to do a double take.

I saw several of these Xes, but couldn't get any info on them.
"X Paris graffiti" is a pretty vague google search term.

The first floor rooftop was a very popular spot.

Another paper illustration.
Up next, street art in Montmarte.

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